The Lost Photographers of Barcelona, by Gloria Salas Bulbena


Although she was already taking photos prior to joining the AFC, Gloria Salas Bulbena was there at the age of 42 where she began taking photography courses and participating in many competitions, both national (Negtor, Women's Section, Alicante, etc...) and international (Athens, Leuven, Bordeaux, Budapest, etc...).

A restless woman, she set up a farm in Pallejá as an Agricultural Expert and installed her photo lab in her house in Barcelona. Passionate about everything she did, she did not mind spending hours hoping to take the picture she had imagined and more hours in the lab until she got the desired effect. He participated in photo contests until 80 years, throwing herself to the ground if it was necessary to get the photo she wanted. A great sportswomen, she climbed mountains until he was 87 years old and continued to take pictures while her eyesight allowed him past 90 years.

Gloria Salas Bulbena was a Catalan amateur photographer who belonged to the "Photographic Association of Catalonia" since 1957, participating in the creation and evolution of her "Grup de dones", promoter of female photography in Spain.

Localización: Fábrica Cal Garbat. Mossén Jacint Verdaguer, 8. Vilassar de Dalt