El Lado Oscuro de la Luz (o lo que esconden las luces invisibles), by Camilo Sabogal


In 1840 Edmond Becquerel observed that the red spectrum continues the action of UV rays on a daguerreotype plate  and proposed a development method that instead of using chemicals, re-exposes the plate through a red filter - in this case, over silver mirrors.

Through the red glass we will slowly discover ghostly images: mysterious, magical, hidden between the ends of invisible light.

In a sort of performance, in due time, each mirror will come out of its dark room showing a permanent reflection of the visible, everything that is discovered between invisible lights.

Camilo, self-taught photographer, for more than 20 years he has focused his research on chemical processes from which he has developed his artistic proposal, approaching photography as an experimental medium of expression and highlighting its value as object.



LocationFábrica de Cal Garbat. Mossén Jacint Verdaguer, 8. Vilassar de Dalt