Sunday 28th of May

Sala Polivalent can Rafart de Vilassar de Dalt 

  • Demonstration of Lumboxing, a new tecnique (spanish)
        Jorge Otero 10h a 11h
  • Positive portraits developed with Caffenol  (english)
        Estudio Cahute (Lorenzö & Jaana) (Finlandia) 11h a 12h
  • Demostration of Giant Cyanotype (spanish)
        Lux Darkroom (Constanza Isaza & Andrés Pantoja) (GB) 12h a 13h
    n collaboration with students of the School of Immaculate Vilassar
  • Group photography (public act)
        Nicolás Llasera 13h a 14h, with a Chamonix camera of 11x14 "
  • Polaroid Manipulation (spanish)
        Urizen Freaza (GER) 17h a 18h


Location: Sala Polivalent Parc de Can Rafart. Riera de Targa, 29, 08339 Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona