Las Fotografías de Burton Norton, by Eduardo Momeñe

Bilbao, 1952

Story of the photographic journey across the continent by the Oxford photographer Burton Norton and his assistant W.G. Jones.

This exhibition shows some of the photographs that illustrate -and witnesses- the textual narrative, and that make up the narration themselves: the photographs are the visual text that forms the journey, they are the journey itself.

This time they are presented in frames from the period in which the adventure could have taken place. It is an attempt to capture the beauty of language that can be generated by interacting words and photographs in the most correct way possible.

He is a Basque photographer, teacher, writer and author of essays on photographic aesthetics. Author of the book La Visión Fotográfica, from the TV series La Puerta abierta and from the magazine Fotografías. 

 Location: Museu Arxiu Municipal de can Banús. Marqués de Barbarà, 9. Vilassar de Dalt