RT17 Crowdfunding Project

The project

Festival Revela-T celebrates its fifth anniversary establishing itself as one of the key photographic events related to analogue photography.

The amount of exhibitions and activities means a growing budget with funding that arrives late and revenues are generated mostly during the dyas of the Festival. To get funds to start running, we have been making crowdfunding projects every year with our own Festival material.

The activity generated is also greater and more difficult to manage. This year, just over a month from the Festival, we are a bit late to make a crowdfunding using the usual platforms and we have decided to us this page (as we did for Christmas) to sell the items for the current edition in order to finance them.

We are using Paypal, a completely safe and easy method. Also, now you don't even need an account to be able to buy.


As in the previous editions, we have designed a t-shirt, related to the theme of the Festival and a cap with the embroidered logo of Revela-T. In addition to that this year the book is a true jewel where you will be able to see many of the photos that will shine in the exhibitions. A book-object perfect for a gift, or to give to oneself, with powerful images grouped under the Hidden idea.

You can opt for separate objects or combine them, in each foldable list you can choose between picking up the items at the Festival, shipping to Spain or international shipping.


A book worth of the exhibitions

On 2016 we printed a book/catalogue of the exhibitions, where each author had two pages, one with text and one with a photograph. On this yearedition, the book/catalogue becomes a book-object. A 220 pages book, 4 for each author, some with 3 or 4 photos, or in some instances double page photos printed edge-to-edge.

With this pre-sale system via crowdfunding we can afford publishing this book by ourselves, without middle men. We will print it in one of the best print houses in Barcelona, with top quality paper, caring every detail. A book made with the same love that we have for photography, and that we expect that it'll be worth of those of us that feel the same passion, amateurs, professionals, schools, libraries... A book that will be worth watching and preserving, and, moreover, at a fabulous price.



Format: 165 x 240 mm (6.50 x 9.45 inches)
220 pages, printed with 4 colors
Interior: Coated paper, 135 gr at 4+4 colors + varnished face and back
Cover with 300 gr coated paper
150 microns PVC transparent dust jacket silk screened
Finsihings: Plastified glossy prolypropylene at one side
700 copies in Spanish, Catalan and English
Design and layout: Karakter
Translation and correction: Jesús Joglar, Martí Blesa and Constanza Isaza


Taking part in this project means cooperate to make the Festival possible. It doesn't matter where you are, for a small amount you can make that analogue photography stays alive, and that Revela-T Festival becomes a platform to promote works from photographers from all over the world.

If you feel motivated, you can also make a donation, and rest assured that your donation will be used fully to cover the expenses of an event that promotes chemical, analogue, silver based photography or whatever you want to call it, which will be alive whenever there's people supporting and practising it.

If you are one of those who will live it live, don't forget to buy your ticket for the exhibitions, to join the guided visits or to buy the full package that gives you access to lectures and demostrations, you'll avoid queueing, as guided tours and the full package are limited.

This is also a great way to support it.

Revela-T 2017 Book pdf

Price at the festival 10€ 

Embroidered Logo Hat

Price at the festival 12€

T-shirt Unhide 2017 S/M/L/XL/XXL

Price at the festival 20€ 

Revela-T book 2017 edition


Price at the festival 20€

T-shirt + Revela-T Cup

 Price at the festival 40€

T-shirt + Cup + Revela-T Book

Direct contribution