Workshop 2 in 1

1. Polaroid manipulation with Urizen Freaza

Discover the endless creative possibilities of polaroids with Urizen Freaza. Get an overview of formats and manipulation techniques of instant film and take with you some hands-on experience and a couple of polaroids made by yourself.

The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as experienced photographers, who are interested in learning new techniques


  • Introduction: Medium and formats available (10 min)
  • Understanding The Impossible Project integral film (10 min)
  • Manipulation Examples (10 min)
  • Photo session (30 min)
  • Manipulation of the first results: multiple exposures, emulsion lift, transparencies
    negative reclaiming, etc. (1h)
  • Individual work (1h 30 min)
  • Questions and troubleshooting (30 min)

Urizen Freaza

(Tenerife, 1982) is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker, currently based in Berlin . He is a member of the Film Shooters Collective and part of the team behind the AnalogueNow festival.

For Urizen Freaza, instant photography has this extra layer, the physical one: polaroids are objects. Instant photography bursts the barrier between the photographic act and the photographic piece. An instant is turned into something tangible and real. But at the same time, allows the tactile, direct manipulation of the picture.

The power of instant photography lays in the delivery of a full object where all layers are crushed together: the subject photographed, the emotional state and associations of the photographer that lead her/him to choose that composition, the light hitting on its sensitive surface, the chemical layers reacting to conform the image, the emotional state and emotional baggage of the viewer… All together crushed into one entity, that is so true, so real that you’re actually holding it. The goal would be to blend all those realities, to intervene all of those layers at the same time and as much as possible, to describe the truth.

Polaroid Workshop
Combined workshop 2x1

2. Large format portrait on direct positive paper processed in caffenol, con Cahute Studio

You will take a portrait using a Calumet C1 8x10 camera. You will learn how to use the camera, from the basics (focusing, loading the paper in the holder, loading the holder in the camera) to more advanced techniques.
You will learn the technique of portraiture with direct positive paper and a large format camera: you will be model and photographer in order to understand what does it imply to be on each side of the lens.
You will learn to prepare your own caffenol for direct positive paper, and you will learn to process and dry your images
Each participant of the workshop gets a unique portrait taken by a fellow participant.  

TO WHOM THIS WORKSHOP IS TARGETED? Both professionals and beginners: anyone interested in learning alternative, unique technique to take portraits can apply to this workshop


Introduction to large format direct positive paper and caffenol (15 min.). The origins of direct positive paper technique, the origins of caffenol, why using such a combination of these two techniques nowadays.

Taking large format portrait photographs on direct positive paper (105 min.) Introduction to particularities of the paper, specific lightning techniques applied to direct positive paper, introduction to the use of the 8x10 Calumet camera, specific composition techniques of portraiture applied to direct positive paper, portrait photo session for each participant (each participant will take their turn to be model and photographer). *During this part of the workshop, participants can take a little break in between portraits sessions*

Processing the pictures (90 min.) Caffenol recipe for direct positive paper, detailed explanation on the caffenol ingredients and where to get them, preparation and mixing the caffenol, processing the pictures (each participant gets to process a picture), drying and flattening the pictures

Debriefing (30 min.) Questions and answers

Cahute Studio

Cahute is a photographic portrait studio founded in 2015 in Helsinki. We focus exclusively on large format portraits taken on direct positive paper processed in caffenol: a mix of coffee, vitamin C and washing soda.

We believe in photography as a physical, tangible medium that can be handled, passed on and kept for decades. We aim to be as environmentally-responsible as possible and believe in sharing practices and experiences, and we are totally in love with large format photography. 

Portrait positive Caffenol
Combined workshop 2x1

Horario: Jueves 25 de Mayo. Taller 1, de 10:30-14:30h / Taller 2, de 16:00 a 20:00h

Idioma: Taller 1 Castellano-Inglés indistintamente / Taller 2 Inglés

Plazas: 12


Lugar: Fotoespai BCI,  Carrer de Coroleu, 74, 08030 Barcelona