The constructed image, of Faustí Llucià

As in previous editions, we'll have an installation of the photographer Faustí  Llucià but this time from an unusual point of view. A bell tower, the bell tower of the Church of Vilassar. We can see how it becomes dark chamber, where we see a different view of our urban landscape and learn the basics of the camera and photography.

The installation "The constructed image" shows the projection of the exterior landscape inside the everyday space. This is prior photographic experience, in the same formation of the image before it is stored for analog, digital, or simply drawn support.

The steeple of the Church of Vilassar de Dalt will turn back into a huge chamber where the Plaza de la Vila is projected. This installation shows the ratio of external and internal projections in this game, the world and the seeing eye.

They are scheduled guided tours for better understanding of the process and its application in photography tours. Concepts such as formats, lenses, leaks, corrections and distortions, or focal plane depth of field, are easier to understand by living inside the camera.

Lugar: Campanario Iglesia de Vilassar de Dalt, c/Mestra Viladrosa,