Weight, the sea, of Robin Cracknell

London, UK

I'm interested in death and impermanence, how things shine and how they disappear. How love comes and goes. I find film beautiful. How it fades and disintegrates.

I shoot with old, often damaged, cameras and salvaged 35mm cine film; blending traditional film photography with cinematography, the intention being to give these 'still' pictures a vaguely narrative quality that I hope speaks about love, loss and memory. In Portuguese, the word is "saudade"— a love steeped in sadness, "to feel what no longer exists". By definition, that is what photography does—to stop time, fend off oblivion, allow us to feel what no longer exists— to remind us of what we have lost or have never had’.

Robin Cracknell's work has been widely published and exhibited including, notably, Eyemazing Magazine and The Michael Hoppen Gallery in London. A selection of his notebooks feature in the acclaimed 2014 Thames and Hudson publication, "Photographers’ Sketchbooks" with further work from his "Childhood" series appearing in Thames and Hudson's "Family Photography Now".

The "Childhood" photographs were also the theme of his solo exhibition at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery in NY.

Robin Cracknell's photographs are in various private collections internationally as well as The National Portrait Gallery, The Victoria and Albert Museum, both in London and the Fundacion Privada Sorigue, a museum of contemporary art in Lleida, Spain. 


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