Portraits and nudes 2013-2015, Iwona Aleksandrowicz

Szczecinek, Poland

I make an artistic nude photography as well as portraits.  I do not care about pure beauty and aesthetics of woman’s face and body. I like photography that can "speak’’.  That call upon us for a moment, inspire to reflection.  My pictures indicate thoughts, mood, dreams in the particular moment. Sometimes realistic. Sometimes drifting off in a daydream.  In my pictures you can often find a nostalgia, which do not mean an escape from the reality. I do not immerse myself completely in the past world. I like to move between reality and fantasy, often erotically affected.

Iwona Aleksandrowicz, born in 1971. Ex-German translater and advertising manager. In 2010 completely lose herself in portraits and act photography. Since 2013 shoot only with analog technique, medium- and large format cameras. She is self-thoughts in terms of technique of shooting with analog cameras as well as developing the pictures in the traditional darkroom. In 2015 became interested in instant film technique. Painting-like photos, carried out in this technique are particularly appreciated by many recipients. Her photographs have won numerous awards in international competitions, including Monochrome Awards, Art Limited Awards, Fotoerotica of "Playboy" magazine. She has participated in many group and solo exhibitions, among others in Poland, France or Romania.

She has a numerous publications in trade press concerning photography, i.e. "Photoklassik.de", "Digital Camera Polska", "50 mm", "ipressmagazine" and others. She is a member of the international photographic group "Echiquier". Founder of many charity projects and organizer of photographic meetings in Poland and abroad.


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