Talks and Demonstrations

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Talk with... Three generations of photojournalists (Saturday May 21)

  • 19: 00h with Manel Armengol, Kim Manresa and Samuel Aranda. A talk with these three renowned photojournalists with 40 years of experience. They will talk about freedom of expression, media and power, press photography as a social revulsive, etc. in an open and direct dialogue with the audience. Then, in the same Museu Arxiu we'll do the opening of the exhibition La mirada líquida, of Michael Kenna.

Talk with... Juan Manuel Castro Prieto (Saturday May 28)

  •  A unique opportunity to talk face to face with one of the leading representatives of Spanish photography, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, National Photography Prize 2015. In the Library can Manyer.

Presentation of the book Escenas extrañas en la mina de plata

Presentation of the book Escenas extrañas en la mina de plata by Antonio Molinero Cardenal, published by Casimiro libros.
Ramón Casanova and Llorenç Raich will estabilsh an open dialogue with Antonio Molinero Cardenal on his book, the first history of the frame, an essential contribution to know the expressive an aesthetic values of a creative process that workes without the use of a photographic camera.
Activity organised by Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya

The opportunity to see different alternative techniques (May 28)

  • Slow Photo in the Chapel of Can Rafart

10:00 to 12:00  Kalitipia
Demonstration by José Manuel Poyatos.
The Kalitipia like the Van Dyke Brown is a technique based on the union of ferric salts and silver, also called "platinotype the poor" because of its wide tonal range.
Jose Manuel Poyatos, specialist in this technique will work a copy live for attendees.

12:00 to 14:00  Aristotype Demonstration by Jesus Limárquez.
The aristotype or colloidin collodion is a role that was very successful at the time, either because the quality it provided well for their conservation against degradation of the gelatin.
Jesus Limárquez, wanted to continue the study of collodion in its mounts, Ambrotypes, ferrotypes, negative, and of course the aristotype to emulsify to contact positivarlo live.

16:00 to 18:00 Vandyke demonstration by Jose Manuel Magano.
The Van Dyke Brown is a technique based on the union of ferric salts and silver, so named by the final resulting color, reminiscent of flamenco brown Anton Van Dyck.
Jose Manuel Magano, will talk about this technique and will back this process live.

  • Borut Peterlin in the pergola of the Parc de can Rafart

18:00 to 20:00  Wet collodion
Demonstration by Borut Peterlin

The wet collodion is one of the primitive techniques that has always played a prominent role in the festival. Borut explain us and make copies in the process of tintype, which gives a direct positive image.

 Place: Parc de Can Rafart. Parc de can Rafart. Vilassar de Dalt