Workshop with Juanan Requena ( 24th & 25th May)

A workshop of the creative process and building books as containers of emotion

'The trips are the travelers. What we see is not what we see but what we are'

                                                                                 Fernando Pessoa

PRESENTATION [meeting map]

To find out where we are and understand where they could take our beats, there is nothing more effective than changing horizon and use our own heart as a map.

DESCRIPTION [situation on the map]

We will travel together in the way of pulsing "creative process" and the many detours taken in it, from our original idea to the many changes that transform and enrich. Almost we never discuss how finally reached a place known, but another place full of trials and failures, daily struggles, wonderful errors and unexpected routes.

Maybe then we will understand that a goal to achieve is not needed, but only trace and follow the path that will bring us more and more intensely what we wanted to convey through ourselves.

DEVELOPMENT [route on the map]

The mission of the workshop will show each participant the tools it has to take its own path, without fear and in free flight, simply cultivating their listening and embracing the creation overboard: heart in hands holding the camera and secured your future.

Among all participants draw a same creative path, where each participant will learn to play your chips and untie their knots through examples of other authors and a combination of literary exercises and plastics intended to discover where his "creative space" access him and feel free to, at the end of the workshop and through its own constellation of disparate ideas, erasures and sketches, many steps forward without changing the place of departure: the voice, the look.

                                                                         "The journey is the destination".                                                                                                                                                   Dan Eldon


Each participant, using as search engine all kinds of materials that can fit between your idea or project, create the "unique work" synthesis of your questions and doubts, their excitement and container reflection of his newfound way.

Attendees can provide all kinds of plastic materials and / or your own archive or family album. (Also other materials are welcome nature under the project to develop).

For example: Old Polaroids. Book covers and torn sheets of any book. Negatives bad disclosed. Test strips. Printing failed. Booklets. Stickers. Chunks of magazines. Contact sheets. Napkins. The newspaper last year. The letters of the groom or bride. Coffee. A calendar. Chunks of any agenda. Happiness. The favorite book. A letter of a song. Photocopies and various brochures. Comics. Shopping list. Models. Poems stolen from the street. Letters of recommendation and the power company. Bocatas wrapping paper. The passport photos or found.


Born in an arid village of La Mancha, where he enraptured watching horizons born more than a thousand storms. With the first girl, the first move. In the city of Picasso he learned from endecasílabos and quejíos, selling books and putting cafes. He became traveler wiring group tours without rock and roll, but missed the attempt and reached the desert. Wrapped in the light of Cabo broke his first camera, she met Valente and rolled to Berlin, where he became convinced of what today still reflects without stopping.


24th and 25th May. From 10am to 20pm approx

PRICE 110 (two days)

Maximum number of places: 10

From this link you can access the page Codetickets and reserve your seat.

This workshop can be combined with Julian Ochoa workshop on 26 and 27 May so you can save 20 €.


Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 1, Barcelona, 08012 Barcelona Telf. 93 408 87 87