Pinhole Workshop at the Vall d'Hebron Hospital (26 April)

Within the framework of the Festival, on April 26, we have made a small pinhole photography workshop with children in monitoring, at the University Hospital Vall d'Hebron.

The workshop was taught by Xavier Bassols, with extensive experience in health education and pinhole photographer (pinholero) for hobby. Organized by Susana Gembarowski.

Pinhole photography (pinhole) is a type of "analog" or chemical photography that involves taking pictures with (usually home) cameras without lens. That is just a box, a hole and a photographic film or paper to collect the image. Later this image is developed in a dark room by chemical methods.

- Take a picture with a pinhole camera.
- Learn small laws of physics and chemistry in which we get the picture.
- Work patience and not immediacy, "cooking" our picture.
- Work small error frustrations trial.
- Learn that with very little waste material we can build us our own camera.

A first theoretical part slightly adapted to the age of the children. Where we explain the physical / chemical mechanisms, very simply, operating these cameras and capturing light.

A second part of obtaining the photo outside in a park to do it with a can of Nesquik. Everyone doing their own camera. A third of processing and printing the photographys in the laboratory.

The intention was that each participant took home the satisfaction of making a picture of a completely magical and unknown way for most of them.
We wanted that each participant could go with a negative and a positive (final photo) made by himself with a can of Nesquik.
When the workshop finishes, they may make their own collective exhibition at the Vall Hebron Hospital.


Place: Hospital Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona