Picsharing Barcelona (Saturday 28 of May)


Under the Revela-T Festival, on Saturday 28 of May we'll celebrate the 8th edition of Picsharing Barcelona, an exchange of photographs, in this case analog, in which all the public coming to the festival can participate.


We have decided to believe, in the middle of the virtual era, a gathering of physical exchange of photos, aimed at photography enthusiasts, artists and generally to all who are willing to share their images with unknown friends.
In this world where everything becomes increasingly virtual  we demand
tangibility and three-dimensionality of photography on paper and physical meetings and not virtual between people. We like the idea that people share their photos in the same way in which children shared trading cards and, along with those photos, also share their stories. In person, without filters, without screens.


  • Photo sharing: photos provided by participants are always hung on a huge mural / mosaic that becomes a kind of work of ephemeral art. Then everyone can go looking at that pictures their want to change with.
  • PicTelling: There's always a moment when PicTelling invite some participants to introduce themselves and briefly tell the story of their photo.
  • Conferences / Interviews: In each issue we present one or more photo projects emerging or recognized by a chat with the authors.
  •      Draw prizes offered by sponsors.
  •      Collection: At the end of the event we'll call people one by one to approach the wall and pick their new acquisition.

The photographs have to be analog, made on photosensitive photographic paper, or any other alternative technique (cyanotype, gums, Ambrotypes, etc.)

No printed photographs (made with printer) will be accepted.