Perú, viaje al Sol

Curated by Alejandro Castellote, this exhibition presents the work of Juan M. Castro Prieto developed over eleven trips to Peru.

Now almost eleven years ago that Juan Manuel Castro Prieto packed his newly opened professional photo lab to take it to Cuzco and positivar there the best copies ever made Martin Chambi - the great master of Peruvian photography - whose work is for Castro Prieto synonymous with honesty and passion.

In some of the images of the Indian artisan of the century are the keys that launched a series of trips that, eleven years later, shows us not only the evolution and maturity of the photographic work of Castro Prieto, but the tracks another more personal expedition in life, experience and dreams are the protagonists.

                                                                                               Alejandro Castellote 

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

An economist by training, his relationship with photography began in 1977 and, like most authors of his generation, he does it on his own. In the early eighties, he joined the Royal Photographic Society of Madrid where he meets Gerardo Vielba, Gabriel Cualladó, Paco Gomez and Juan Dolcet.

In 1990 he traveled to Cuzco, Peru, to do with Juan Manuel Diaz Burgos positive Peruvian Martin Chambi teacher from original glass plates

His work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions.

Place: Sala Antic Mercat del Carme Carrer del carme, 3. Vilassar de Dalt.