Evolución, of Constanza Isaza Martínez

London, UK

The Evolution series integrates Constanza’s background in art history with her research in and technical knowledge of early photographic processes.

The series depicts a collection of seashells in an advanced state of decay and calcification. The images recall the conventions of Early Modern Northern European still life painting through their emphasis on lighting, texture and minute detail. Like historical vanitas paintings, the photographs are nature morte allegories relating to the fragility and transience of the physical world; but the title and the images themselves suggest an ongoing cycle of decay and rebirth, and thereby the possibility of transcendence.

The photogravure print, made from oil-based bone black ink (the pigment is made of burnt bone) does for the images what calcification has done to the shells themselves – it creates a permanent, stable, carbon-based print based on a photographic matrix.

Constanza Isaza Martínez is a visual artist based in London, working primarily with historical photographic processes. Having developed a passion for the medium from a very young age, she studied Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster, and was awarded a First Class BA in 2007. In 2012, she received her MA in History of Art with a distinction from the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Constanza's practice is informed by the depth of her art-historical research, and characterised by an interest in the materiality of the print, the artistic possibilities of analogue and historical photographic processes, and the process of making as central to the meaning of the work.

Constanza has been selected for artist residencies in Canada, Italy and the USA; her work has been exhibited internationally and is included in private collections in the UK, Colombia, Canada and the USA. 

Constanza lives and works in London, where she co-owns Lux Darkroom, a space dedicated to teaching and researching analogue and historical photographic processes. She regularly teaches workshops in historical processes, both at Lux Darkroom, and for clients including Cambridge School of Art and London College of Communication.



Place: Fàbrica Cal Garbat. Mossén Jacint Verdaguer, 8. Vilassar de Dalt