Dobles, of Urizen Freaza

Berlin, Alemania

It is a series of double emulsion lifts on monochrome color polaroids polaroids.

A portrait is by surface definition, a two-dimensional representation of a person. To portray a person, to show who or how she/he is, a layer is not enough.

'Double' is an attempt to show more through the juxtaposition and association of two or more layers of emulsion. The image 'hidden' in black and white, illuminated with ultraviolet light, in the part of the invisible spectrum to the eye. As a tool to see beyond what lies behind. For this photo, the sitters are asked to think of something intimate. For the color image, portrayed naturally pose or smile, as they would for any instant.

Both photos are perched, is not a candid portrait. But through the contrast or the association of both images, doubt is introduced into the viewer. The truth lies somewhere in between, or perhaps beyond place.


Place: Fàbrica de Cal Garbat. Mossén Jacint Verdaguer, 8. Vilassar de Dalt