Primitiu i actual, of Jaume Estapé

Premià de Mar

We have to keep in our minds the historical evolution of the art of photography, Its origins, from Daguerrotype, are obvious. That was followed by a number of chemical and pigmentary processes until the last generation emulsions. Currently we have the new digital processes to obtain as well as to copy images.

Even with this technological evolution, it seems that we don't have the ability of foresee what they future will bring.

This work that I present it's based in unique and exclusive copies, as I state below each photography. The idea of showing this photographs in such a large format forced me to scan the originals in order to preserve the best quality and look. Finally the digital files were printed on a canvas in order to give them a more pictorial flavor.

I'm please to dedicated this work to all those photographers who are interested in recovering the techniques used by our pioneers, and mainly to Xose Gago Pesquerira and Josep Maria Ribas Prous, as without their knowledge transfer, this photographs that I show here wouldn't have been possible.

Lloc: Museu Arxiu de Cabrils. Carrer Santa Creu, 5, Cabrils