Barcelona Infra-roja, de Søren Berenguer


The Enchanted City

Using discontinued reels of Aereal Infrared celuloid designed for militar surveilance (an intriguing film choice) and his old analogue camera adapted to fit the 70mm format film -as the latest Tarantino movie- the author ventured beyond the human eye to reveal a misterious and magical Barcelona where statues are alone and guide the viewer into deserted streets filled with luxurious nature.

BARCELONA INFRARED is a fascinating journey over a haunted city in a science fiction atmosphere.

"I always tried photographing dreams" says Søren Berenguer. The photographer works exclusively with discontinued silver-gelatine films and vintage lenses to produce characteristic effects that transcribe his perception of the world, between cinematic and poetic.
His first book published was 'Barcelona Vertical', shot with a panoramic film camera in the vertical format.
The autor latest photographic project are IR surreal captures of the urban lanscape, a very personal vision of his native city.



Place: Masia de Can Rafart. Parc de can Rafart. Vilassar de Dalt