At the heart of it / Al corazón, of Agustín David


In this photographic project * I Wanted to capture the idea of ​​the landscape that round in my head for years. Iceland somehow changes the perception that I have of myself as a photographer, bringing new light on my way to work and a renewed my way of photography energy.

This series shows what I see traveling along the Hringvegur (Highway 1, Road 1), only road that encircles Iceland and serves as a connection to the island. The intention is to contextualize portions of landscape creating simple, clean and intimate portraits.

By displaying in this way I seek to dramatize the concept of it, the binomial that form the observer and the observed towards a reflection on how we see these scenarios, sometimes as mere backdrops large-scale representation. I often like to "play" with the human figure or its presence through its interaction with nature to play the role of "observed" by including it in the landscape.

I am interested in the elements and processes of nature as a starting point. In contrast to this, the activity of man and his "other processes".

The relationship Man - Nature, the modern binomial subject - object, and the physical absence of the human element in the pursuit of resonance that produces the vacuum are characteristics that define my photography.

I like the artisan character, intent and serene rhythm imposed analogue photography and large format camera. A state of full consciousness as to what the "photographic moment". The physico-chemical film, its own characteristics and handling origin are an important part, too, in the production process of my photographs.

* The work was entirely done with 6x7 medium format camera and color negative film. each work is positive on paper size 100 x 125 cm directly from the negative.


Place: Fàbrica Cal Garbat. Mossén Jacint Verdaguer, 8. Vilassar de Dalt