Are you ready for a new edition of Revela-T 2015?

Analogue photography is here to stay. When we started in 2013 this was only beginning. During the past year the increase of interest in analogue photography is clear. There are people who have returned to analogue, and people who never left. There's also people who have stared now with a lot of impulse. Each has their own reasons but this is increasing and each day there's more of us.

We're pleased to propose again this challenge to you. We'll be ready for the festival, from June 19th till 21 at Vilassar de Dalt, very close to Barcelona. You cannot miss this.

This is a summary of the 2015 edition you can start making arrangements -;-) We've three main areas: workshops, exhibitions and meetings. And let's not forget the commercial and work selling fairs.

During the festival and in the previous week there'll be several workshops. The first one will be Workshop with Eduardo Momeñe, on March 21st.

This is an unmissable workshop, by one of the biggest names in photography in Spain. Photographer and theorist. A great master.

Eduardo Momeñe is the author of La Puerta Abierta. He also wrote one of the best photography books that any photography (and art) lover has to read La Visión Fotográfica, Curso para jóvenes fotógrafos (Photographical view. Workshop for young photographers).

After this workshop you'll have a different view of photography. We can assure this...

The exhibitions program is also starting. The festival is growing and we'll have more exhibitions than in 2014. The main ones are already being worked in but we have more exhibition areas and we've made a call asking you to show us your works and to study if we can show them properly. In most cases it'll be small exhibitions at storefronts in shops of our village. In other cases they'll be in halls, usually shared with other authors. You only have to send us your proposal with this Exhibitions and microexhibitions and we'll study spaces and possibilities.

Another important activity that we want to promote in this edition is the collodionists meeting. In 2014, we made several activities, from small seminars showing different techniques, to the main practical encounter where we were able to see how they worked live. The audience of the festival were impressed by this technique.

In this edition we want to ask to all fans of this technique that we can reach, to send us an image in order to make the biggest collodion exhibit ever done.

If you want to take part in this two activities you just need to fill in this form.

We've planed also a meeting of pinhole photographers, we'll tell you more about this soon. Currently we're preparing something for the Pinhole World Day, so there'll be interesting activities already before the festival.

With all these activities and the atmosphere of the festival, you cannot miss it. Book this days in your agendas as this will be the biggest party of photography you've even seen.

This video is a resume of Revela-T 2014

Maybe you don't want to take part in the meetings, nor the exhibitions, but if you like photography, mainly analogue as it's the field of this festival, you can help us. Share this post with other fans of photography like you so they know that analogue is better than never and our number is growing.