Revela-T 2015: The Festival at a Click

You can now check the schedule of activities Revela-T 2015 Festival! but if you want to consider how will you do to see everything, here we condense it all just at a Click.

Before starting the strong days of the festival, we will have workshops for children with Fausti Llucià and two days at the laboratory with Julian Ochoa or we can enter in a contest by sending our photography to illustrate a Beerloswky beer.

In the weekend of 19, 20 and 21 of June, you can visit more than 50 exhibitions of outstanding photographers and gallery owners and 50 microexposiciones in the shop windows of Vilassar. In the park Can Rafart there will be a trade fair with 21 tents for different brands and groups and, this year, we integrated the “Fotomercado” [Photomaket] where amateurs or professionals will have the opportunity to show and sell their work; we also have an international meeting of collodionists, one of pavement photographers, other of pinholers and another of Leica M lovers.

Throughout Saturday there will be free photographic lectures at Can Manyer library, we can see demonstrations, we will surprise ourselves with a spectacle of light and sound, the people of Lomography will let us some of their cameras and we challenge ourselves with Fotolateras. And if you are someone who participate in any of the exhibits or microexhibits, you may be surprised with the Aclam prize.

There will also be activities for the youngest, a children's attraction of Antigua & Barbuda, fully analog that will delight young and help parents to do some exercise and catch hunger for the popular meals.

To this summary of activities we must add the calls to a more playful and popular aspect of Saturday night, the Rebela-T party with “Cop de Teatre” that will extend the party until late at night.

Activities and schedules:

Friday 19 of June:

20h Presentation of the festival, welcome to the photographers and host of volunteers in the “Sala de la Estrella”. In the setting of the exhibitions by Joana Biarnés and Estela Castro and attended by many of the photographers portrayed by the latter.

Saturday 20 of June:

10h Opening of the Exhibitions, Trade Fair and Fotomercado at the Park Can Rafart.

11h Guided tour to the microexhibitions. Two different routes. Information point at Can Rafart park.

12h Official opening of Revela-T 2015 Festival by the authorities. Can Rafart park.

From 12:00h to 14:00h and from 17:00h to 19:00h, "La Imagen Construida" [The built image]. Faustí Llucià will transform the Plenary Hall of the Town Hall into a giant camera obscura.

14:30h Lunchtime. Popular Paella. Price: € 8 Can Rafart Park.

17:00h Guided tour to the microexhibitions. Information point at Can Rafart park.

Starting at 19:00h music, theater and “fiesta”, we will start with Dandy Roll, Pedro Cornago Quartet, and then Cop de Teatre presents the performance of Col·lectiu d'Artistes and ContagiAR-T to continue the party with The Funktonics, DJ Edu, DJ Joe Cabana and much more... Can Rafart park.

Starting at 20:00h Popular dinner: Barbecue. Price: 10 € Can Rafart Park.

During the whole Saturday:

Free photographic lectures at Can Manyer library. 

11:00h to 12:00h

ANFA Official Presentation of l’Asociación Nacional de Fotografía Analógica [National Association of Analogue Photography].

12:00h to 13:00h

Fotoconnexió, Christina Guldager and Ricard Marco will explain to us on Argelès photographic collection Argelès, of Francesc Boix.

13:00h to 14:00h

“Holography: The lost page”, with Pepe Buitrago and Narcís Rovira.

17:00h to 18:00h

On Solargraphy and the Analemma, with Maciej Lukasz Zapior (English).

18:00h to 20:00h

Dutch Alternative Phootgraphy and other photography groups from Europe and America will talk to us about alternative photography. An Zuriel [Dutch Alternative Photography (The Netherlands)], Emil Klein [Analog Mania Festival (Romania)], Melanie King [London Alternative Photography Collective (UK)], Caro Bauch Bräuer [AnalogueNOW! (Alemania)], Marcos Zanella [Proceso Luz. Fotografía Alternativa Argentina (Argentina)], Pasquale Caprile [Lomography (Spain)] and Jesús Joglar [Revela-T (Spain)].

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For more information you can visit the page of the photographic talks.