Photographs by Estela de Castro show 57 portraits which are part of a project that is in continuous development. A work that aims to become a comprehensive archive of our creators, and including photographers from different generations, since the renovation in the 50s and 60s to the heterogeneity of the last decades, with different aesthetic and conceptual approaches.

In tackling this project, Estela de Castro is of two premises, which serve as a thread throughout the series, the use of natural light and decision-making in vital, intimate and personal space that reflects and enhances the photographer's personality. The photographs show us Masats, Sanz Lobato, Colom, Madoz, Momeñe, Trillo, García Alix Perez Siquier, Laguillo, Catany, Pomes, Fontcuberta, Forcano, Tail, Maspons Garcia Rodero, Schommer, Valhonrat ...

Press kit about the exhibition in La Fragua. Tabacalera Art Promotion. Madrid. May-July 2014

Estela de Castro

I will wait for any neglect to portray part of your soul, the part that you want to teach me, no tricks, no frills, no lies.

With your permission, I'll invade your personal and living space for a short period of time.

I will come to navigate in your eyes, through my eyes, and you will be recorded in the negative, forever.

I'll catch you in time, I will keep in my memories.

I learn of shared space.

I will teach you something else, something more than your images.

And I'll always be grateful, photographer, and I will always appreciate the confidence placed in me to open the doors of your home and your life.

                                                                   Estela de Castro

Fotografía de Arturo Laso

Estela told me about his interest in photographing some of the most representative photographers of Spanish photography, and I found an interesting idea: I do not know of any previous proposal of this nature. In any case, before any attractive idea, as is the case, I wonder how it will be done, which is what we would call the photographic project, the look that aims to shape the work.

I already knew in advance the way in which Estela understood photography--always liked, always "saw clearly"--and I had only to wait to see how a good photographer portrayed other photographers getting great pictures.

I know the effort Estela has put forth to take this work forward, information that the photographs--like all things well done--bring this difficulty with the pictures to say what happens around, beyond their edges.

It is the result of a great dream, a great strength, also of great generosity which precedes each generation, recognition and tribute, at least some they live and we appreciate it.

I am overcome by nostalgia when I see your old Estela Haselblad, this excellent camera that will never die, with the 6x6, a character format for "different" photographers, the film in black and white, camera in hand--an excellent pulse--and the natural light of my studio. Just left his self-portrait with his dogs and cats to complete the list of names in Spanish photography. Without a doubt, we will his see shortly.

                                                                                                                                                                             Eduardo Momeñe

Sala Antic Mercat del Carme Carrer del carme, 3. Vilassar de Dalt.