El tercer ojo. Photographs of Southeast Asia

Like a minimalist stage set, we are presented with these images as a reflection of where time and memory live. Where magic is done daily, and where the unreal becomes nature of life. Loaded with a powerful narrative, and free of the veneers so common today, Manichaean, easy and superfluous, they propose instead a reflection built from the faraway gaze, but at the same time close.

This work is not the product of a spiritual journey, and not even a collector of images. This beautiful project is a commitment and given life, sincerity, and truth by whom is certainly one of the great national photographers in this genre.

 Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos

Julián Ochoa

To Julian Ochoa, photographs give life. Breathe the air always present in the photos, and share it with the illusion of the intensely lived moment.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Ochoa performs an important role as a teacher in various workshops and photography courses. He transmits to his students his passion for this world. The means by which one decides when to carry out their photographic project is the analog medium that allows a further reflection throughout the process, from capture to final print.

His photographs in black and white, with careful technique and mastery of light, are characterized by implementing the difficult principle of "less is more." Starting from the everyday and simple and balanced compositions, every picture tells a small story that tries to excite the viewer, making him a participant in a direct and honest manner.

                                                                                   Manuel Acosta


Lugar: Sala Polivalent de Can Rafart. Parc de can Rafart. Vilassar de Dalt