Activities related to wet plate during RT2015

Wet plate collodionists meeting and big collective exhibition of photographic works

We're programming the activities for the third edition of Revela-T 2015 which will take place from June 19th till 21st at Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona.

On the two previous editions, wet plate has been always an important part of the festival. In 2014 we summoned a great deal of photographers that use this technique from all over Europe.

All kind of activities were made. 

We want to promote even more this meeting. You are all invited. We'd love to have you with us celebrating thins analogue photography fest.

You can enroll filling the form below. We'll inform you soon of the activities that will be organized.

As we do love this technique, we want to show this during the Festival organizing a photo exhibition with collodionists from all over the world. We'll show just one work from each photographer in order to be able to represent the maximum number of wet plate collodionists. We hope that we'll have enough space and that we'll generate enough interest so we can make a macro-exhibition were pros and amateurs can expose. We'd love that this exhibition could grow and we're trying to make it travel to different places.

As we receive requests to participate, we will produce a list with the names of the people interested. We hope to encourage the maximum number of collodionists. Once we receive enough proposals (depending on the exhibition areas) we'll close the call. If necessary we'll make a selection based in quality, theme, etc...

We don't want that this could cost you anything...

In order to avoid shipping costs (sending and returning) we'd love to make you a proposal which we think that you could like. Once we've confirmed that you are going to take part in the exhibition, instead of mailing your work, we'd ask you to send us a high resolution scan of the original. We'll make a copy with the best quality available according to the budget that we'll get for the exhibition.

Therefore, you don't have to pay anything or to send your work. You just give us the right of use of your work to be exhibited during the festival. As this copy won't be signed nor certified by you, it'll only have a testimonial value to be in the exhibition. Of course, in the exhibition it'll be properly marked showing the title and the author. There's a chance that once the festival is over we could exhibit it in different places, but we'll still have to confirm this.

Once the exhibition is finished in festival Revela-T 2015, after a reasonable time, we'll destroy all these copies. If you are interested in taking part in it, just send us a link where we can see the image that you'd like to show in the exhibition. Later on we'll email you to request you to send us the original file to make the copy.

Of course, only one copy will be made. This will be certified by the reliable lab that will print thos copies.

We hope you like this proposal. We expect to make the biggest wet plate collodion exhibit that has even been done in the world, and placing it in the festival Revela-T 2015, which will take place in June in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona.

To have your details, and to know how you want to participate, we ask you to fill in this form.