Vilassar between solstices

"Vilassar between solstices" shows time passing by the apparent movement of the sun relative to the earth with Vilassar forming the passive subject of the process.

Solargraphy is a specialized form of photography without a lens that records the sun as it moves continuously in changing arcs across the sky, resulting in exciting images and new perspectives on the world around us.

It is a variant of the pinhole photography that involves applying very long exposure times, from days to months or years. During these long exposures, changes in the photosensitive paper placed inside the camera are recorded generating an image with different ocher tones or other colors only observable under very dim light so as to not veil it.

The image it is not developed nor fixed, but scanned and processed with an image editing program to obtain a digital file. Photographically, it can be considered a "mixed" technique because it is an analog process without lenses that needs the digital technology in order to display the results. 

Jesús Joglar

Born in Asturias in the mid 1950s, Joglar studied chemistry in Oviedo and after finishing his doctorate, went abroad for two years with a scholarship, accompanied by his family. After returning to Spain, he got a job in Barcelona where he has lived since.

He started taking photographs in the "analog era" with a Contax II camera from his father and, since then, has remained true to this form of photography. He discovered pinhole photography by chance.

It was in 2007, the year which marked the "International Year of Science," that a pattern for a pinhole camera fell into his hands, which at the time he did not use, but somewhere in his head the information was saved.

Two years later he discovered "Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day" and the workshops held at the Can Basté Civic Center of Barcelona.

There, he discovered pinhole photography; since then everything has changed in his approach to photography. This technique makes the photographer think before taking the picture and that, Joglar believes, is the most rewarding way of doing photography.

Most of his work consists of pinhole photography and a major portion of it is dedicated to solargraphy.

Place: Fàbrica de Cal Garbat. Mossén Jacint Verdaguer, 8. Vilassar de Dalt