The Beatles 1965

In 1965, the Beatles played two shows in Barcelona and Madrid. Joana Biarnés was the only photographer who was able to share a few hours with them while staying at the Hotel Avenida Palace in Barcelona.

From this meeting came the collection of snapshots that are now presented, many of them unpublished, and an intimate document of one of the most important bands in history. A must appointment for fans of the mythical big group of Liverpool.

The week following the festival Revela-T will be the 50th anniversary of this event, which remains marked in the memory of many. Both Madrid and Barcelona have organized concerts in celebration.


Joana Biarnés

Terrassa (1935)

Together with her father, sports photographer Juan Biarnés, Joana discovered photography and began her apprenticeship. In 1959, she joined the Barcelona School of Journalism. In 1962, she began working for the newspaper Pueblo, Madrid, where she covers, for example, the raging flood of the Vallés that devastates the city of Terrassa.

In 1975, she directed the graphic team of the agency Contifoto before going on to establish her own agency, called Synchro Press International until finally, in 1985, Joana left the photojournalist profession.

In 1986, she opened the restaurant Cana Joana in Ibiza, considered one of the best in the islands.

In 2013, a crowdfunding campaign was begun in Verkami to complete the documentary about her co-produced by Televisió de Catalunya, in collaboration with the Diputació de Barcelona, l'Institut Català de les Dones, the Department de Cultura of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Fundació Photographic Social Vision.

In 2014, Joana received the Creu de Sant Jordi granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Place: La Estrella. Carrer del Carme. Vilassar de Dalt