Senderos. Instalación

A question: The sun rises. We with him. We followed him. Always walked to where he is. All morning. Noon chance to turning on ourselves with feet flat on the ground without driving toward the sun.

Up again in the afternoon and until sunset.

The question: Are we on the same starting point for the beginning?

This installation consists of four lead-lined chambers containing previously captured image in situ. They are, at the same time, chambers and containers of the images photographed.

The four chambers are located in the same arrangement with the images set forth therein is obtained. The cameras were placed at a crossroads whose direction was North, South, East and West. Each camera photographed the image I had in front and, once revealed, was reassembled in the same chamber so that it acted photography display obtained, installing light inside. In this way the camera is author and image container.

The image is contained within the original, and no copies of it exist.

The choice of lead because it is ductile metal but ductile like skin, isolated, and even prevents the passage of X-rays on the other hand, which lets you track any impact.

Their protection is vulnerable.

This facility is linked in its genesis to the photographic-literary trails, also transcribed into braille.

Material: Lead, wood and glass.

Ilfochrome Classic, transparencies original color.

Dimensions of each chamber 40 x 40 x 40 cm.

Iron plate lifter 30 x 30 and 20 cm high.

Faustí Llucià

Essentially self-taught, Llucià has developed his work in almost all photographic fields: documentation, publicity, teaching, and fine art.

In his personal projects, he gives priority to the concept and content, subordinating its formal and technical resolution. This priority has led him to develop something closer to sculpture, cameras as image containers, or in some cases resorting to painting projects.

The literary component is present in his work, both in his writings and in his pictures, to suggest readings and personal views on intrinsic issues of existence such as life, death, loneliness and, above all, the look through which we place ourselves and understand ourselves.

Place: Fàbrica de Cal Garbat. Mossén Jacint Verdaguer, 8. Vilassar de Dalt