Milans, Alek Levasgani's

In Alek Levasgani’s series “Mujeres” we find multiple symbolic roles in the photographic language. Like a mirror, the photographs reflect back to us the tacit, almost invisible, triferatos- photographer and the faces of several women, each one of them reflected on the objective waters of the camera.

Secondly, but no less important, the photographic fact reveals the unavoidable distance between these two-faced visions. As a bond, each photograph shows the divisive plane that has served as the place of intersection for this encounter. It is physically translated into silver halide onto photographic paper. In the front and rear side of the divisive plane, each one has kept their untouched deepness, their unaltered self.

As final statement, photographs are the remnant of the unexpected meeting between model and photographer. The other part--what we cannot see--the lived experience, remains in memory or in the imagination.

Francisco Gómez

Place: Fàbrica Cal Garbat. Mossén Jacint Verdaguer, 8. Vilassar de Dalt