Pinhole Photography activities in RT2015

Meeting of Pinholers.

Among the events programmed for the third edition of Revela-T 2015, to be held on 19, 20 and 21 June in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona we propose to organize, in addition to the meetings that have already been convened a meeting of pinhole photography practitioners.

Many of you are using this technique to which we feel especially linked and we would like, during these days, that you also be with us to celebrate this great feast of analog photography.

This meeting of "pinholers" will be held along the Saturday 20 and we ask you to come with your cameras to make photographs during the meeting, to show them to the public and help to spread this technique.

We also try to have some space to develop or print the pictures that you generate. Participation in activities is free but you must register previously. In the festival program there also will be different exhibitions on pinhole photography.

You can register in the form at the footer and, in a few days, we will inform you of the acts that are to be made.

Do not forget that on April 26, is the World Pinhole Photography Day and that there are activities scheduled both in Barcelona and Vilassar de Dalt.