Call for photographic projects to be exhibited during Revela-T 2015.

During the past edition of Revela-T we were able to offer 20 exhibitions and 31 micro-exhibitions thanks to all the photographers that send us their works. This year we want to keep on growing and we've opened this call to anyone who is willing to take part in the present edition exhibitions.

Festival will take place in June 2015, mostly on the 19th, 20th and 21st. During this weekend there'll be the commercial fair where works can be sold, meetings, seminars, demonstrations, ReBela-T party and so on.

Presentation of works

This call goes from January 1st 2015 till March 31th. Dates can be extended if we find more exhibition galleries and valid places to show the works.

Theme and technique

Theme is free, all analogue processes are accepted.

Mixed techniques will be accepted after being evaluated one by one.


Participation is opened to anyone older than 18 from any nationality. Quality of the work is what will be considered important.

Submitting the project

To submit a project you have to fill in the form that you'll find on the Festival website. Then you have to send an email to  expofoto@revela-t.cat. Put your name an the name of the proposal in the subject field.

In this email you have to attach:

  • 4 to 6 images of the exhibition that you propose in JPG format.
  • Images have to be no more than 1200px on its larger side and they shouldn't be bigger than 300k.
  • If your project has been previously exhibited, a photo of the exhibition.


We have several places available for the Festival as well as different ways to expose your works. Depending on the amount of projects that we receive and the quantity and presentation of such, a jury will value and distribute projects were they are best suited.

If you have any preference due to the size, quantity or theme of your works, regarding where do you prefer that they are exhibited, let us know in the form. Currently we have two options:

  • Exhibition: projects from 10 to 20 works. At an exhibition hall.
  • Micro-exhibition: from 1 to 10 works. At storefronts in local shops.

During the first half of April we'll email all the participants to inform you of the selection of the received projects.

Shipping the works

If you are selected we'll specify the amount of works and the expositive format chosen by the jury.

Each author has to send the works at the address: REVELA-T . Carrer Pau Piferrer, 24 . 08339 Vilassar de Dalt (Barcelona) in order that the responsible from the Festival have all the material to be exhibited by May 15th the latest.

We encourage to ship the work by insured certified post or with a courier. Shipping costs have to be paid by the author.

Festival is NOT responsible of damage during the shipment. Festival can only be held responsible of the works while it's in their possession, during the Festival.


Once the Festival is over, on June 21st, we propose you two options:

  • RETURN: Festival will return the works in a maximum of 2 months since the end of the Festival. Shipping cost will be paid by the author, who will have to pay at the bank account that we'll provide once we select the projects, for the same amount than the original shipping costs.
  • DEPOSIT: leave the works in deposit at Festival, so we can promote and sell them.

Here we give you detailed information of this option.

Laveing the exhibited works in deposit at Festival Revela’T

In this edition of Revela-T we want to start a new project as part of the Festival. This is selling the works of the selected programs at an online shop in Revela't webpage. This also means to exhibit this works in several places. This helps selling the works but also helps promoting the authors and their work.

This option eases the logistics of returning the works and offers the Festival the opportunity to sell and promote the works.

If you are interested in leaveing the works in deposit, point that out in the form.

Termes and Conditions of deposit will be dealt once the selection of the proposals has been made.

Participation rights

Festival is nonprofit. All expenses are covered by contributions by individuals and companies with different promotions and campaigns that we organize. We haven't established any quota as participation rights as we think that you artists already do a lot showing us your works. Without you there wouldn't be any festival. Anyway, if you are interested in contributing, you can do so, but it's not a requirement, and it's completely voluntary.

In order to organize the production of the exhibitions, there're some inherent expenses that need to be funded with several projects. One of this projects is a crowdfunding in Kickstarter where we can offer different kinds of articles and at different prices. From Festival merchandising to photographies, etc

If you feel so, and as we say, its completely up to you, you can cede a work so we can offer it as a reward for one of the  pledges. You decide the price. We'll add the shipping costs. If it's sold, you'd have helped to the production of the exhibitions and to the continuity of the Festival.