There is nothing more erotic than the caress of light on bare skin, no more sensual a look that runs through the body trembling that possessed by the vicious left camera lens curves discovering its most tender and most desirable corners.

There is nothing more attractive than the contemplation voyeuristic photographer surprises a beautiful woman in the everyday act of hygiene, or that recreates the pulse of desire portraying suggestive lingerie on the body, which captures exactly the precise geography for the viewer beyond the limits of the stage and completes it with their own fantasies.

There is nothing more exciting for Western man than the submissive geisha mystery, locked up in the beauty of perfection, close and away, blessed by the virtues of the arts and patience, hidden between layers of silk, eyes, and the anonymous face hidden beneath the rice powder.

And finally, there is nothing more sensual than contemplate all of these elements contained in a set of positive ones, born of laborious nineteenth-century processes, floating dreamlike in the unreality of color in bichromate gums, arising from the sensitive roughness of cotton paper.

José Manuel Magano

Born in Madrid 1963 self-taught.

From early childhood, he felt a desire to transport images to paper. In the beginning it was the pencil. With the passage of time, it is a camera that took its place and the discovery of pictorial processes where he fully develop his creative side.

They are his hands, brush, and of course his old cameras, the only instruments involved in the production of his work.

At a time when new technologies and immediacy are companions, illusion, desire and rebellion may lead him to resume the ancient pigment processes nineteenth and early twentieth century. 

Andrés López Lozano (ALL)

His passion for photography was born at the age of fifteen, when he took his first pictures with a compact camera of his father.

That's when a passionate relationship with the world of images that led him, in the 80s, begins to turn pro. Many years linked to advertising photography, the music industry and reportage, Andrés López has devoted his last professional stage to meet people, customs and traditions of various countries, resulting in several exhibitions in Spain and Europe who have been part of his work private collections.

He currently lives between Madrid and Berlin and is working on the " Carnival" project (born from a passion for the Venetian carnival, year after year, since 1991, has been " capturing " with your camera) that captures the essence of this party wherever you take more relevance, which will expose for the first time in early 2016 in Montevideo.

Place: Fàbrica de Cal Garbat. Mossén Jacint Verdaguer, 8. Vilassar de Dalt