Companys i Amics. Homenatge a Pere Formiguera.

Pere Formiguera was a polyhedral artist: a photographer, writer, historian, collector, and exhibition curator.He’s also one of the key figures to understand the photographic production in Spain during the last decades.

He belongs to the first generation of Spanish photographers and adopted photography as an artistic medium. From an advanced perspective, he was very interested in this medium, and through historical recovery, education, and exhibitions, he fought for its institutionalization.

The exhibition “Friends and Colleagues” is formed by works from his colleagues and friends, five of the best photographers in our country: Joan Fontcuberta, Rafael Navarro, Manel Esclusa, Manel Úbeda and Mariano Zuzunaga, who, next to Formiguera, were an extraordinary generation of artists and key photographers in art photography.

The figure of Pere Formiguera is shown as I got to know him: through his friends and colleagues.

Exhibition commissioned by: Miquel Abat

Production by: AFSC - Qgat Foto with Ajuntament de Sant Cugat del Vallès

Opening: June 12 at 8pm

Place: La Massa. Centre de Cutura Vilassarenc . Mestra Viladrosa, 56. Vilassar de Dalt