Another me, Erin Mahoney

Another Me is a fine art photography series that explores my Korean heritage in the form of photo-illustrated Korean fables. This self-portrait series emphasizes the acceptance of my heritage while also conveying past conflicting emotions dealing with my adoption and identity as an Asian American.

This body of seventeen images is photographed digitally to allow my to create the fantastical world that is described in the stories. They are printed in colorful gum Bichromate to embody the fantasy and antiquity of each tale.

Erin Mahoney

I became interested in art and photography when I realized that I could communicate my concepts successfully through the use of photographic imagery. Specifically, I am able to create and tell a story using my keen sense of composition and visual story telling skills.

Photography wasn’t something I thought of seriously until my freshmen year of college. During my undergraduate studies, I initially turned to traditional forms of fine art, such as painting, until I realized that photography held similar, if not more, possibilities than paint or pencil. After finishing my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography, I obtained a full-time studio job as a catalog photographer.

My excitement and enthusiasm for photography led me to teach part-time at two community centers. While teaching part-time, I realized that I wanted to pursue a graduate degree in order to affirm my dedication to photographic education and master my fine art concepts.

After obtaining my Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from the Academy of Art University in 2013, I continued teaching photography at a higher educational level. I exhibit nationally and create work as a fine art photographer while teaching and empowering students to visualize their concepts behind a lens at The Art Institute of California –Silicon Valley and at Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco, CA. Most importantly, I advocate the power of art and its ability to bring to life what artists conceive.

Place: Fàbrica Cal Garbat. Mossén Jacint Verdaguer, 8. Vilassar de Dalt