Would you like to become a Patron of the Revela-T 2014?

As we did in the last edition, we have opened this crowdfunding project to cover in advance the costs involved in merchandising material.

In this case we have T-shirts in black or red, aprons with an embroidered logo and 4 different models of plates.

Spending very little money you can be one of the patrons, this will help us and you will have a souvenir of the 2nd edition of the Revela-T festival. Màrius Gómez, a great designer and owner of Espaigarum, the smallest gallery in the world, has made for us the image of this year’s shirts. He explain us that he wanted to represent this in all cameras, whether mechanical, electronic or digital … the shutter … But how can be represented on a T-shirt? He found the solution in its onomatopoeia, the word click, a universal word read in any language. And how to display the technical diversity through the click? Easy, as each camera has its sound with the click! the clack! and the the cleck!  Now it is the time to show the diversity of styles and the best photographers and he found the best way by using the best typefaces of history: Bodoni, Times, Helvetica, Frutiger, Gill, Caslon, etc, etc … Good job Marius …


Camisetas revela-T

xapes Revelat

delantal revelat


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