The Fair Trade

The Fair Trade of 2014 Revela-T Festival brings together groups, associations, manufacturers and trade companies that maintain a strong commitment to analogue photography. At the fair you can view and purchase products, get information about services and to contact other fans who share your passion for photographic chemical processes.

The fair will take place in the “Parque de can Rafart” [can Rafart park] and will run from 10:00 am on Saturday May 31 until 20:00 pm on Sunday June 1.

Feria Comercial

Tents of the Trade Fair

  1. Lomography Spain
    LOMO cameras and accessories
  2. Nostàlgic- Barcelona Photo Store
    Store of analogue photography equipment
  3. Químics Dalmau
    Chemicals and drugstore
  4. Wood & Metal
    Our own made cameras
  5. Carmencita Film Lab
    Laboratory specialized in analogue photography
  6. Sales de plataNOPO Cámeras
    Store of material for analogue photography located in Madrid. Represents the new Pinhole NOPO
  7. Railowsky
    Bookshop specialized in photography, located in Valéncia
  8. Leicaeme
    Forum and user community of Leica brand cameras
  9. ZinkinFoto
    Online store of photographic accessories
  10. Fotonostálgia Salvador Granero
    Collector-seller of classic cameras
  11. La Parada
    Sale of photographic works, books and much more
  12. Casanova Foto
    Store for equipment and photographic material located in Barcelona
  13. KitoliShooters Film Lab
    Photographic laboratory of high quality
  14. David Solans y Manual Càmera
    Collectors and sellers of classic cameras
  15. Valid Foto y Tagomago
    Two of the most iconic photo galleries of Barcelona
  16. Piensa en RojoDirkoma
    Store of analogue photography material representing Dirkoma pinhole camera.
  17. Fotoinvents- Pep Mayugo y Wetplatewagon-Rafel Forga
    Manufacturer of equipment and accessories for colodionists. Repair, inventions, gadgets …
  18. Fotoespai BCI
    School of Photography
  19. La Cabina que Retrata- David Cruz
    A vintage analog photo booth where you can shoot a picture of yourself