Revela-T 2014 festival is warming up

rvt2014We are giving the final touches to Revela-T 2014. As you probably know it’ll take place from May 30th till June 1st. There are several exhibitions that because of it’s importance, will be open to the public one month before, at the beginning of May. They’ll be the exhibition of the holdings of two of the most emblematic galleries from Barcelona, Valid Foto and Tagomago,  clearly a unique occasion to see great photographs and on the other side, the exhibition “Perú, Viaje al Sol(Peru, Travel to the Sun) of the great Spanish photographer Juan Manuel Castro Prieto. We will also have exhibitions from  Ribas Prous, Xose Gago, José Guiolà, Xavier Mulet, Lola Montserrat, Ricard Martinez, ca l’Isidret, Aleix Plademunt, Roger Guaus, Juan Diego Valera, Salva López, Ignasi López, Berta Vicente, Lea Tyrallová, Andrei Farcasanu … and maybe some more.

Some weeks before the festival we’ll have with us the great Ilan Wolf who will do some workshops in the schools of our village. The results will be shown also during the festival. During the weekend we will take advantage of his presence to make a pinhole workshop as we already did on the last Revela-T. This workshop will be done on April 12th.

We’ll have again one of the wetplate collodion gurus, master or many, great teacher and person, the great Quinn Jacobson, who will make to workshops, wet plate collodion and dry plate collodion.

As we’ll have with us Castro Prieto we’ll make a three days workshop based in his work experience in Peru. We’ll do fieldwork with a field camera, then on the second day lab work, develop and enlarge, and on the third day we’ll see the works of the students, some edition and a guided tour to his exhibition in Vilassar .

On Saturday there will be seminars and demonstrations at the Can Manyer Library. There’ll be a reduced price pass that will allow access to all of them. There’ll be also free activities, mainly around photobooks, organized by Photobook Club Barcelona .

Between the library and Carn Rafart Park there’ll be some tents where the Fotomercado (Photomarket) will be held. Amateurs and professionals will have the chance to show and sell their works or the works of those represented by them. Here there’ll be a representation of several photography schools from Barcelona.

At Can Rafart Park stands out the Feria Comercial (commercial fair) with 21 tents from several brands and collectives. On that park there’ll be a meeting between the wet plate collodion practitioners and one with practitioners of “Cámara Minutera” (instant box camera) as well as demonstrations from several groups during the two main days of the festival. Here they’ll also be popular meals and bar service all day long. During the evening there’ll be a projection of the students from the photography schools that have send us their works and then some music with Summer Joy and The FunkTónics. Finally there’ll be a suprise show. On that same park there’ll be a kids fair with animation by Antigua y Barbuda and other analog things.

Photographer Faustí Lluciá will create one of his installations at the Town Hall. We’ll be able to see how a room is converted into a camera obscura and we’ll be see an unusual view of the main square from Vilassar. We’ll learn the basics of camera obscura and basic notions of camera and photography.

The shops of our village will have their storefronts full of photographs, holding small format exhibitions from photographers who had asked to take part on this first experience, which tries to approach photography to everyone.

In order to avoid people from getting lost, we’ll have a mobile APP that will guide us and we’ll know where we are, what we have near us and where’s what we’re looking for, and how can we get there.If you plan to come to the festival, there’ll be special prices on a couple of hotels nearby where you can sleep for less than you expect. If you plan to spend less, we have booked rooms on a couple of hostels where you can stay for less than 20 euros (breakfast included). If you plan to spend even less, you can bring your own tent or sleeping bag and sleep on the gym of a nearby school. We’ll also looking for families who will host those who take an active rol in the festival and come from far away.

If you are interested, you can still cooperate in this next edition. You can do it in any of this ways: if you are sellers, through the commercial fair if you plan to sell works, on the photo market, taking part in any of the 30 micro-exhibits on the storefronts (for free) or helping out as volunteers in the different areas of the festival.

You’ll be able to check soon the whole program from the festival, and enrol in the activities that you wish. From now let’s wait for the news that we’ll be publishing. See you on the end of May…


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