Program is closed, amazing new confirmation: Gabino Diego

The program for the Revela-T 2014 festival has been finished this week with the confirmation of the speech that the actor and collector Gabino Diego will give.

Gabino DiegoThere are only four weeks until the second edition of Revela-T analogue photography festival starts in Vilassar de Dalt (Barcelona). The program of activities has been closed with an amazing announcement: the actor and renowned collector from Madrid Gabino Diego has confirmed that he’ll do a speech about his activities and his valuable collection, with more of 400 first-line works.

With this speech (which will take place on Saturday 31st offering of activities that will be held during three days (from May 30th Those activities are focused both to a specialized as well as for the general audience. of May at Can Manyer Library) the till June 1st) is closed.

The festival will host 20 exhibitions (among them the analogue holdings of two of the most important galleries in Barcelona, Valid Foto and Tagomago, or compilations of renown artists such as Ribas Prous, Xose Gago, Josep Guiolà, Xavier Mulet, Lola Montserrat or Aleix Plademunt), 30 microexhibitions at the storefronts of several shops in Vilassar, and 4 speeches (Gabino Diego; gallery owners from Valid Foto, Tagomago and la Parada, Alfonso de Castro and Magdalena Ramírez – Lu Lantana).

Camera minuteraThere will be also the opportunity to enjoy photography with other offerings and formats: there’ll be a commercial fair with 21 tents for several brands and collectives, a “Fotomercado” (market of photography) were amateurs or professionals will have the chance to show and sell their work; an international meeting of wet-plate users (users of wet collodion) and one of wooden box cameras, which will offer to the audience (as it was done in the past on the streets of big cities) their portrait which will be developed on site inside the camera. There will be demonstrations, as the one by Faustí Llucià, who will turn the plenary chamber in the Town Hall into a giant camera obscura; or the phographic installation “Inventario” (Inventory) at Can Rafart by artist Ghilhem Senges and his camera-van.

On a more festive environament we want to put stress on the “Fiesta, música y teatro musical” (Party, music, and musical theatre) evening at Can Rafart with The Funktoniks, Cop de Teatre (with Carla Hornos & The Pinkladies) , ContagiAR-T and DJ Edu and Nemo. There’ll be also collective meals and lunch on Saturday 31st of May and Sunday 1st of June. For the kids there’ll be a particular funfair with “analogue” attractions. All this at Can Rafart, with the presence of the giant horse from Cía Antigua & Barbuda , that this year will lead the Three Wise Men parade in Barcelona.

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