Salva López

(Barcelona, 1984) He first lived in Calafell (Tarragona). Then he moved to Barcelona in 2004 to study graphic design at IDEP school. In 2007 he buys his first camera and starts in the world of photography. In 2008 he decides to study advertising photography at GrisArt school to learn illumination and technique.

On the next year he gets a scholarship by GrisArt for the studies in authoring projects where he finishes his first work, Roig 26, based in his grandparents. On that year he also makes the workshop “Paisaje y experiencia” with Xavier Ribas, which marks a turning point in his progress.

In 2010 he’s selected in several collective exhibitions like “Domestic” – organized by Photographic Social Vision in EC Caja Madrid in Barcelona – with his work Roig 26, and also at the exhibition “Escoles amigues” as part of Emergent festival, at CaixaForum in Lleida. In 2011 he wins the price Fotoactitud and he’s selected for the portfolio viewing Descubrimientos at PhotoEspaña. In October of the same year he creates the blog “Have a Nice Book”, about photobooks, with another photographer, Yosigo. During his career he has been mentioned in several international blogs as Conscientious, Mrs Deane, Booooooom!, The Great Leap Sideways or The Sonic Blog. He’s currently combining commercial with personal works; he’s mostly devoted to the project “The Green Curtain” about the Montjuïc mountain in Barcelona.