Ramón Casanova vs. Jorge Egea

From different personal careers in 2003 Casanova and Egea start working together in the Sculpture Department of Barcelona’s University. As a result of their experience in the University, in 2005 they began to work in an artistic creation and research lab (theCrossingLab). Within this laboratory, they develop different collaborative projects where through action they contact different perspectives and artistic approaches.

Their work is usually developed in coordination with museums and educational institutions. It’s based in todays review and interpretation of the classic iconography. They explore the relation between sculpture and photography, and between material and the luminous through out their processes and work flows.

Some of the projects they led are: Camara Oscura. Retrats a Barcelona (La virreina. Centre de la Imatge); Dopo Museo (Museo Archeologic o Nazionale di Napoli); Et in Arcadia… (The British Museum); Museu, Visions en progress (Museu d’Art de Sabadell); Trans·formare (Museu Frederic Marès); Sotto luce (Museu Nacional Arqueològic de Tarragona).