Josep Guiolà

(Arbúcies, 1944), is an experienced self-taught photographer that, when he was young, discovered photography and it has become his passion, a means of expression through which he experiments, plays and unlocks his creativity. He is an amateur for over 35 years in the world of cameras and negatives. He has made collective and solo exhibitions in many locations (Barcelona, Olot, Perpignan, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Torroella de Montgrí, Girona, Palafolls, Arbúcies, Ceret …).

He has collaborated in lectures, conferences, workshops, introduction to photography classes, and in several publications. But it is his eagerness to experiment, test and play with different elements and materials which makes his work to be original and unique. Always starting from a good negative, Guiolà is one of those photographer-alchemist that personally develop and makes enlargements of their photographs. He is strong supporter of analog photography, uses and manipulates materials on the photographic paper and gets a surprising result that takes us into a personal and magic world, in which the artist captures the reality through his lens and then he degrades it, disfigures or blurs it. He relentlessly carries on research on materials and he arrived to do without negative his latest creations.