Faustí Llucià

Faustí Llucià was born in Barcelona in 1952. Essentially self-taught he has developed his work in nearly all photographic areas: documentation, advertising, teaching and artistic.

He has worked with advertising agencies, design studios and written press as “El Periódico” (1978-1985) and “La Vanguardia” (1991 to 2009). He combines photography with teaching (IDEP School, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Groc School, Terrassa School of Photography-UPC).

In his personal projects he gives priority to the concept and content, subordinating it to its formal and technical resolution. This priority has led him to develop some projects closer to sculpture, cameras as image containers or, in some cases, searching assistance in painting.

The literary component is present in the work of Faustí Llucià both in his texts as in his pictures, to suggest readings and personal views on intrinsic issues of the existence such as life, death, loneliness and, above all, the gaze, through which we try to locate us and understand ourselves.