Ca l’Isidret Editions

Ca l’Isidret Editions is a project of the photographers Aleix Plademunt, Juan Diego Valera and Roger Guaus to publish their work. In early 2010, after several years of individual artistic careers, the three photographers embark on a photographic journey to Argentina to create what would later be the book “Movimientos de Suelo” [Ground Movements]. This first book is the seed of Ca l’Isidret editions. The publishing house was established in October 2012 with the presentation of three books: “El inalcanzable” [The unattainable] by Roger Guaus, and “Movimientos de Suelo” [Ground Movements]. and an unnamed third book, both by the three authors. The year 2013 it has been published “The Hub” by Roger Guaus and “Almost There” (co-edited with MACK editorial) by Aleix Plademunt

So, besides being a platform for disseminating the work of the three authors, the Ca l’Isidret Editions is a laboratory that supports all forms of photographic experiences and editing in which Aleix Plademunt, Juan Diego Valera and Roger Guaus play roles of photographers and editors at once. The three authors, together, are the editors of each of their works either they have been created individually or by the three.

Ca l’Isidret is the name of a house in the Alt Penedès, home of one of the photographers. Being Ca l’Isidret a constant meeting place for the three photographers, the publisher takes its name from the household name.