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Revela-T 2014 festival starts during Sants Màrtirs celebrations with two unique exhibitions.

In what may be called a sample of this year’s festival and as part of Sants Màrtirs celebration in Vilassar de Dalt, in April 26th Revela-T 2014 opens with two amazing exhibitions: a photography collection from Tagomago and Valid Photo galleries and an anthology of the famous Catalan photographer Josep Prous Maria Ribas.

The first exhibition to be inaugurated (with the presence of the artist) will be Ribas Prous anthology. It will be located in the exhibition hall of La Massa and will open on Saturday at noon (12 o’clock). One hour later the exhibition containing the material from the galleries will be inaugurated in the Museu Archiu de Vilassar; Fernando Peracho (Valid Foto), Brauli Teixidor (Valid Foto) and Vicenç Boned (Tagomago) will be present. Vilassar de Dalt Mayor, Xavier Godàs and the Culture Councilman Vavier Yelo will attend the inauguration as well. All attendees will enjoy a snack. Both exhibitions will remain open to the public until Sunday, June 1st.

The Reveal-T 2014 festival will be held from 26 to 30th of May in Barcelona and from May 30th to the 1st of June in Vilassar de Dalt. Up to 20 exhibitions, workshops and seminars are scheduled, along with a series of public and ludic acts. Apart from the two exhibitions you may already visit starting April 26, also the work from Aleix Plademunt, Paola de Grenet, Ramon Casanova, Xose Gago, Lola Montserrat, Salva Lopez or Tyrallovà Lea, will be shown along with workshops and seminars as Ilan Wolff’s, Quinn Jacobson or Juan Manuel Castro Prieto. There will also be colodionist meetings, exhibitions in stores, a “Photomarket” and a trade show.

Selected Works: Valid Foto BCN and Tagomago Collection

The exhibition jointly presented by the two galleries, Valid Photo and Tagomago, is an eclectic sample of internationally acclaimed authors proposing us a tour throughout modern and contemporary photography. With authors collaborating with both galleries, stand out some names such as: Arnold Newman, Mark Seliguer, Colita, Leopoldo Pomés, Masao Yamamoto, Pentti Sammallaht, Ferran Freixa, Mark Klet, Francesca Woodman, Liu Bolin and many more.

Tributing to the “Photographic Arte Povera”, by Ribas Prous

Under this title, Ribas Prous offers a selection from his work, a long history of more than 50 years investigating and experimenting about primary photography (mainly pinhole, in its most diverse aspects ), as well as works made with plastic, wooden or cardboard handmade cameras.

It is an homage to the legacy of the “Arte Povera”, in which he says he found almost the only expectation and hope from doing photography in these last years; a needed detoxification from the vertigo of advances, in the field of artistic creation, also seen and called as “progress”, that is essentially coming from the postmodern philosophy.

With his own words: “It is possible that we are seen by many as old dinosaurs to be exterminated, but eventually, we may still be able to bite hard.”

“A tribute to the legacy and guide of the old masters of our photography, like Pedro Olaya Ruano, (when a modest magazine, directed by Ignacio Barceló , stand as the most sincere testimony of communication and unity among all artists, masterfully supplying the existing division of composed groups, small groups , and worse)…”

“Paying homage to Xosé Gago Pesqueira, essayist and experimenter to the level of “utopia”… together with him and many other great friends, we work and created a tight group. Like Miquel Angel Perez, who is correcting and updating the practice of plastic to a new vision, combining and applying old and contemporary products… and Jaume Estapé as ” engineer ” in solving technical problems… and Joaquin Casado, possibly the greatest expert on pinhole in this nation… or Quinn Jacobson, (landed at first in Reus in 2007) , and now in Vilassar de Dalt continuing the diffusion and making popular the old techniques of Wet Plate Collodion and Ambrotypes.(And why not, speaking of “povera”, which means “poor”)… our appreciation to Paco Casanova in Barcelona, who always authorized overdrafts, at the time we could still pay the material’s bills)

What can we ask more? My tribute goes to all, and with special esteem, to the Vilassar de Dalt’s people!

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Director: Pep Mínguez 607 63 31 38

Press: Joaquim Aguilar 605 07 91 65


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