Photographic meetings with Gabino Diego and..

We suggest you some Saturdays in good company sharing and discussing issues of our interest. If you are a photography lover, you want your work to be seen or you would like to know the …

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Camara Van “Inventory 2014”

Guilhem Senges, with a transhumant spirit and interested in the rudimentary procedures of the dawn of the photographic technique, turned his van into a nomadic pinhole camera. He has left his roughly ephemeral trail wherever …

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Photobook activities

On Sunday 1st of June the activity will focus on the Photobook. The responsibles for bringing this joint activity will be the Photobook Club Madrid and Barcelona Photobook Club. Morning of Sunday 1st of June from 11:00 …

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“The Constructed Image” Installation Photographer Faustí Llucià will do one of his installations in the City Hall, where we will see how a room is transformed into a camera obscura and where we will observe an unusual view of the …

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