Workshop “Large format camera and chemical lab, a living system” by J.M. Castro Prieto


In this workshop we will learn the method that Juan Manuel Castro Prieto uses in his work and how he does it, from the use of the large format camera, through laboratory techniques to tips for editing photographic projects or books. Its objective, to improve the work of each participant in order to achieve a personal style.

Workshop program

First day

  • Large format camera. How to use it. Creative possibilities.
  • We will take photos with the camera in order to develop the negatives on the next day and study the outcome.
  • You can bring your own large format camera, but you can use the camera we’ll have for the workshop. We want everyone to use the camera and take some pictures.

Second day

  • Traditional chemical laboratory. B/W negative development. “Contact”. Enlarging on baryta paper. Possibilities of laboratory techniques, “dodge” and “burn”. An effective methodology. Final touches to the copy with a brush. Exhibition of the work. Editing.
  • We will develop negatives, contacts and enlargements. Attendees should bring negatives that they would like to be developed or enlarged if you have any. Juan Manuel will show us which is his technique.

Third day

  • Analysis of the results of the previous days, review copies and negatives. Error correction, tips, etc. .. Watching portfolios of those attendees who want it. The originals can be digital but we prefer them to be analogue.
  • Colloquium to put together all the issues that arise and draw conclusions.