Ithaca, by Montse López


  • Dates: Friday, 30th May • Saturday, 31st May • Sunday, 1st june
  • Locations: Can Manyer Library

expomontselopezIthaca is an inner place, is a return to our origin, it is a coming back where the experience will be memory and where it gathers all is fullness.

This work is a little autobiography that collects a series of images that do not belong at any time or at any specific place. Without an order, like it happens in the memory, I describe the fragments of affection that burst in the now, trying to create a world between the imaginary and the real.

I place myself I don’t know where, maybe in the childhood, maybe later on, and I overview those moments freezing them in their transiting. I draw the silhouette of those intimate moments through the everyday life poetic, so subtle and delicate.

The silence surround the atmosphere. The murmur stop to exists. Everything is getting ready for my return. I’m there. We are there. We are all there. We are in the memory. Who as a child didn’t got on a tricycle? Who didn’t play at hopscotch? Who didn’t had fun on top of a tree, or looked his reflex in the water, or played hide­and­seek with his brothers? Who didn’t look his past through a window? Who doesn’t have his secret hidden place in the heart?

This work is my Ithaca. It is my inner journey, a route through those cracks of the mind where I contemplate myself, I attend myself, I recognize myself, I know and I perpetuate myself. Ithaca is a praise to the memory and the memories, an appreciation to how they help us trace our identity and the company that they keep us.

“We are our memories, this chimerical museum of inconstant shapes, this pile of broken mirrors”,Jorge Luis Borges.