Exhibition Josep Guiolà


Josep GuiolàJosé Guiolà (Arbúcies , 1944) , experienced photographer, expert and connoisseur of photography’s processes and techniques, has always presented us images that are real artworks. In this exhibition, he gets into a new technique, getting away from his camera and his enlarger, to realise “pictures” of a different kind.

Guiolà goes out from the studio-lab, he start working with the nature and manipulates the photographic paper. This time, the subject of his gaze are not naked bodies, landscapes or portraits, changed for: flowers, leaves and plants, fishes, octopus or sea animals and other objects, that guessing what they are will be a game. These elements have been carefully chosen, and Guiolà placed them over black and white photographic paper (light sensitive), pressed between glass, and exposed to the sun.

With liquids, like a fixer, a developer or water, and other materials and dyes, he leaves them exposed to the sun and its light, an essential element of this new work. Back to the origins of photography, he lets the SUN to do the job, obtaining these “light drawings” as a result.

The artist, from working in a small dark space, under the red bulb’s light, goes outdoors and works under the daylight. Even if the black and white paper, and the liquids, cannot be touched by the light and exclusively are thought for colourless images, we can see here how the papers’ react to the sunlight, making colours appear on the surface.

According to the liquids used, the type of paper and the essence released by each plant, each fish, cloth or fabric… the result is different, hues change and he gets these sublime images. Some seem authentic X-ray, others are like poetries; every and each one is simply wonderful. The exhibition includes different jobs: the series of botanical specimens titled “Foto – síntesis” [photo-synthesis], the set of marine animals and the works called abstractions and expressions, more artistic and “pictorial”, where the brush strokes and the artist’s signs are predominating.

José Guiolà instead of photographing, blindly composes on paper and let the sun works to transform the colours. Without the artist’s restlessness and his great knowledge of both the photographic’s technique and materials, this work would not have been possible. Once again, it is thanks to the Guiolà’s desire of looking for new experiences, his curiosity and tireless work that we have the gift of such set of images, avoiding the traditional and turning each piece into a masterwork.