Roig 26, by Salva López


  • Dates: Friday, 30th May • Saturday, 31st May • Sunday, 1st june
  • Timetable: 1399284000 - 1399298400 • 1399305600 - 1399320000
  • Locations: Can Manyer Library

Salva LopezRoig 26 is a project that I have realised slowly through the contemplation and the reflection of the experience of living with my grandparents Marina and José over a period of five years. The photographs are taken in their humble apartment on Calle Roig in the area of “El Raval” in central Barcelona which has been the scene for my grandparents relationship for more than seventy years.

My grandmother was born here in this very flat, in the guest room where I lived. A whole lifetime within the same four walls and with the same fears. These two are like many couples of their generation, where there were fixed roles and customs established which, at least for me, now seem so very far away.

Through this project I do not attempt to create a faithful portrait of their reality. Instead, I hope to recreate the reality of
the experience of living with them.