Zoo’z, by Lola Montserrat


  • Dates: Friday, 30th May • Saturday, 31st May • Sunday, 1st june
  • Locations: Can Manyer Library
  • Reservation: 5€

Lola MontserratWhen does an obsession start? One realizes when it’s in the middle of it, when is no longer able to avoid it, but where does start?

Lola says:

I realized when I was in a train station, in the empty space while you wait for the train to arrive. One train that is the same that all the others except is mine. The one I was waiting for. Actually that was not my obsession, I mean not the train. My obsession was visiting all the animals in the zoo. I could go back to my visit to Wildlife Trust International zoo in Trinity (New Jersey) that recreate the environment of the animals. They get rid of the metal bars present on the jail that represent the major part of the zoos. I could remember as well when I have the book “The Immobile Ark” of Gerald Durrell in my nightstand. I could even go way back and remember my teddy bear face (actually it was not a bear; it was a grey-orange rabbit with a carrot) to whom I could make my more intimate confessions. He was my friend and I was his.

As if were Calvin and Hobbes, it was our relation the one who resisted through all my family. And here I’m now, with my camera and equipment, meditating about my history of histories with animals. At first I started without a camera. I only watched. Then I watched and saw how they watched me back. When I tried to speak with a friend about it, I was not able to explain what I felt. My friend used to change the matter to speak of something more interesting then my relation with zoo animals. In fact, I thing that it was a charitable reaction: it is better to ignore some strange behave than be the responsible of encouraging it.

I decided to bring the camera with me. They have seen my evolution as a photographer. First the analogic reflex, changing rolls. Then the compact and the digital reflex watching the results on the screen that I couldn’t share with them. And in that way I have been developing my obsession. Discovering them and discovering in them my most human traits and in me the most animal ones. Share with them the most essential of life that humans tend to ignore. Recognising in them my social live. And sharing with them the space, this space only divided with a line.

Faustí Llucià