Exhibition Daniel Samanns


  • Dates: Friday, 30th May • Saturday, 31st May • Sunday, 1st june
  • Locations: Can Manyer Library

Daniel Samanns

Looking at Daniel Samans Collodion Wet Plate Ambrotypes we are fascinated by their Expression. The essence of the portraitured person is succeeded visible by the artist and gives us a deep insight to the aura of the so called “sitter”.
Daniel Samanns revived this amazing historic photographic process, the Collodion Wet Plate Process, which was invented by Sir Frederic Scott Archer in 1851 and that replaced the first practical photographic process, the daguerreotype.
Back then, the Collodion Process was such an innovation of unpayable value.
The Collodion Process (in opposite to the Daguerreotype) must have seemed to be like a prehistoric polaroid-direct-process, reasoned by its by far shorter processing times.
What was very fast in the middle of the 19th century, is a decrease in speed in our digital era.
The Artist uses this complex historic process with exposure times up to 30 seconds to create a structure of time and space like an “untouchable room”  in absolute presence of the “sitter”.
After developmet in the darkromm, fixing takes place in daylight and brings out what Daniel calls the “Magic Moment” , while the positive picture appears as an unforgetable impression in front of your eyes.
Also magical, marks of the process appear as unique gifts of the moment.
These process marks are reasoned by explainable physical, chemical and technical  “mistakes” during the process, of course. When Daniel Samanns found out how to eliminate these “mistakes” he graduated to the point when an Ambroype (Collodion Positive on glass) looks like a 1970´s photograph. But that´s not what he wanted.
So he decided to get back to the roots and create a ground clarity in combination with technically intuitively operations by himself and by let the liquids and emulsions flow during the process as they want while proceeding and observing his technique delivered by intuition of each particular moment.
Since 2011 Daniel Samanns has produced a remarkable number of portraitures (Ambrotypes) using the Wet Collodion Process. Along with Oscar Prize Winner Caroline Link and Alexandre Espigares, also German directors like Dominik Graf, Anno Saul, Katja von Garnier, as well as European actors like Maria Dragus, Mateusz Kosciukiewicz and Marwan Kenzari were “sitters” in front of the artist´s wooden large format cameras.
A comprehensive range of his work is currently shown at the successful exhibition at highly respected Kommunale Galerie Berlin and Daniel is deeply impressed to be part of Revela-T Festival 2014 where you will find some of his work as 30×40 cm prints..